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Government Of Assam Guwahati Development Department Guwahati Metropolitan Drinking Water and Sewerage Board

Public Co-operation

  • Guwahati Metropolitan Drinking Water and Sewerage Board (GMDW&SB) requires the understanding and support of the public in view of the difficulties while laying the pipes in the busy and narrow roads for all the projects. In addition, the work is being carried out by accommodating open drains on one or both sides and power and telephone cables, water lines running along roads. The roads are sometimes closed for few hours to facilitate the pipe laying works.

    However, the Department always ensures that the work is being carried out with minimum inconvenience. The pipe laying contractors generally inform the local public about the schedule for pipe laying work at least one day prior to the beginning of excavation in each lane/road. The excavated trench is backfilled on the same day after laying the pipe by restoring the roads on a temporary basis. However, all the excavated part of the road is restored in its original condition after completion of hydro-testing, within a stipulated time. 

    Few damages to existing utilities are inevitable but utmost efforts are being made to ensure minimum damages especially when adequate information on the location of such utilities could not be identified by an experienced contractor. However, any damages to the service lines are restored. 

     Public Notice

    • On commissioning the Projects, the GMDW&SB will reach to each and every household at their premises for applying for house service connections. 
    • GMDW&SB have not employed any agencies or individuals for this work or to sell any application forms. To ensure timely restoration of the damaged service lines, mobile units are being set up by the Contractors.
    • At present, GMDA, GMDW&SB, PMC’s, PIU’s and concerned contractors are convening timely public consultation meetings at various locations, to create awareness on the project and solicit public cooperation for the ongoing works.
    • For information on the project and to redress the grievance, the public may make a call at the Customer Call centre/Helpdesk at 1800 -345-3615 (Toll-Free)
    • The Implementing Agencies are very much aware of the inevitable hardship caused to the public. However, the public is requested to understand the difficulties in implementation and cooperate, considering the permanent solution ahead, to the existing water problem.
    • The public support and patience are vital for the smooth completion of the projects.